Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Pigtail Ties Knit Pattern

Pigtail ties
For bonnets, booties, etc.
Yarn: use any yarn matching or contrasting your project, but a wool or wool blend will have a nice memory and feel.
Gauge/ needles: it depends on your project. Your ties can be as long as want, but only the middle third will be flat enough to actually tie. It is worth a few mins and a little yarn to cast on, knit a row and bind off a number of stitches to see if it will be long enough for your project.
CO any number of stitches, its nice if its divisible by 12 but its not really that important,
Row 1: K2tog for the first 1/3, K middle third, K2tog last third
Row 2: bind off
Weave into your project, scrunch and mold to a curly q.

Please use for personal and charitable projects, and send me some photos!

UPDATE: Many have asked where they could find the pattern for the little bonnet shone with the ties. I had to think about it for a min, but I used this Sourball Bonnet by Larissa Brown Published in Bonnet Love. The good news is that you can get a down load it from the Ravelry website.


  1. That bonnet is oh so cute! Just rub it in that I don't have girls! ;-)

  2. Ahh, but other people have girls to knit for!


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